Friday, October 7, 2011

Tim Holtz!!

I was more then blessed when I had the opportunity to meet my guru and idol, TIM HOLTZ! Oh heck...I screamed my lungs to my husband and yelled, " I GOT TO MEET TIM FREAKIN'HOLTZ!"

I sent my husband to go purchase the class a month in advance at my local LSS, since the phones were busy for over an hour! So when this day finally came, I had one of my good Scrapping Friends Gwen with me to share this awesome experience. If you have ever taken a class with Tim, you know he is an INCREDIBLE teacher! So witty, funny, overly knowledagle about all things crafty and his techniques! Oh my the techniques were just brilliant! He hands down is one of the best teachers I have ever had. By far one of the best memories of my life ( of course aside from the birth of my children and my wedding day haha.)

This was back in July ( I know I'm late...haha)

Now the photos:
The party( classes) were heald at my FAVORITE scrapbook store Scrapbook Island. Laurie and her island girls did an unbelieve job! This was one of the banners they made.


My Class Kit: The Artful Journal. What a cool mini album!

As a ritual, I have every mini book class I take and have it signed by the designer. YIPEE Tim Holtz signed my book!

Now Pix of myself, Gwen and Tim! Fun Fun times! Thanks for coming to the island Tim!

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  1. What an awesome day! So much fun!