Thursday, March 10, 2011


First off THANK YOU to everyone for all the great birthday wishes via Text, Email and FB! I felt so much love!! I had a wonderful weekend and partied the night away on Saturday (my actual birthday) with close family and friends present. It was one of the best birthdays I have ever had!

With that, my Lovey spoiled me rotten =o)He works so hard and he is so supportive in my crafts and addiction to it haha...But just wanted to share a few goodies...

I haven't been able to upload much on Youtube because my camera keeps running out of space hee ( I hate to delete pictures haha) so he got me a new Kodak Zi8!

Also I purchased some new stamps I've really been eyeing. I wanted to go crazy and get all the new Tim Holtz's stamps, but the Expo is coming soon, so I have to pick my battles for now haha. So adding to my collection...can't wait till they get here...

On to other life updates: SO SORRY to those I have contacted reguarding the RAKs I will be sending out. The week has been so hectic and now my youngest boy has a terrible flu/fever and has needed our constant attention. So it's put everything on the back burner. But they are going out don't worry heehee. Anyhow...have a wonderful week everyone!

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